One for the Road

After “Cheap Beer & Cigarettes” you might be forgiven that I’m on some kind of temperance kick – out to ban the demon drink! Well, I’m not but it can’t be denied that in the run up to Christmas time there’s no harm in thinking about your driving habits.

All of which is really neither here nor there as I wrote this number back in the summer. It’s a fast moving piece of rock music maybe reminiscent of ‘Crawling through the wreckage’ although that’s entirely coincidental.


We all like to party as everybody knows
We like psychotropic substances up our nose
Sometimes it ain’t funny when it’s time to go home
Maybe just one more before you go?
One for the road
Just to lighten the load
Take a snort, have a drink
Just one for the road

We like to drink in our favourite bar
It’s not that far but you know we like to take the car
We’ll leave it outside and pick it up tomorrow
Otherwise we could get into trouble
One for the road
Hang on it’s pissing down
And I drive better when I’ve had a few
Gimme one for the road

I didn’t mean…. to take the car
On the other hand, my place ain’t really that far
There’s nobody about at this time of night
If I take it easy then I’ll be all right
Gimme one for the road
One more won’t hurt me none
Been a good night, I had some fun
Gimme one for the road

I didn’t see where he came from
I didn’t see him until it was too late
Crazy trucker driving much too fast
We came together in a twist of fate

I weren’t my fault it was all down to him
When they pulled him from the wreckage he was missing a limb
They cut me free in several pieces
I guess I won’t be doing that again
One for the road
I really should have been OK
But I’m dead now – there’s bitsa me
All over the road

Guess it was a bad idea
That one for the road
Now there’s bits of me
All over the road


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