There’s a camera in the TV set and a microphone under your bed. The secret police are watching everything you do and they’re hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce on you.

Believe it of not, there are people out there who actually believe that so this song is dedicated to people everywhere who spend their whole life looking over their shoulders.

Some people think that they’re out to get them
They follow them around everywhere they go
Always looking, always watching
Waiting to make their move

Paranoia, people watching
Paranoia, following you
Paranoia, secret police
Out to get you

Big brother watching every move
Taking notes of everything you do
Parabolic microphone listening in
To every conversation
Pick your friends carefully
You’re never sure who they are
Reporting back to Lords and masters
Whoever they are

Better watch what you say on Facebook
Be careful what you say on the phone
Watch what you write in your e-mails
They’re reading your every word
There’s a camera in the back of the TV
There’s a microphone under the bed
And don’t let anybody tell you
That’s it’s all in your head
Government agents are everywhere
Who’s that guy behind you?
He wasn’t there a minute ago
He won’t be there right now
He won’t be there again tomorrow
Doesn’t mean he wasn’t there just now!
Hiding in the shadows and corners
Always just outta sight

Paranoia, trust no-one
Paranoia, they’re onto you
Paranoia, men in black
Out to get you
Paranoia, people watching
Paranoia, they’re following you
Paranoia, secret police
Out to get you


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