Self Sufficient

A man once said to me that you could never really consider yourself a man until you were financially independent, debt free and had secured your families future.

Well, I thought about that and retired when I was 52 with the mortgage paid off and not owing anyone anything. I looked him up the other day. He’s still working for the same company 30 years on so I’ve dedicated this song to him. Thanks for the advice.

I’m happy by myself
I don’t need nobody else
I only need a PC
And an electric guitar
People passing by my door
I don’t have any use for
They don’t know about me
I don’t care about them
It’s not that I avoid real life
Not dodging the trouble and the strife
It’s not that I’m an innocent
I’m self sufficient

I can get my satisfaction
Without taking any action
Turn the stereo up
And download some games
I don’t read newspapers
I don’t watch the tv
What’s going on out there
Is no interest to me
So don’t you tell me I should try
Don’t wanna listen to all the lies
I’m not mentally deficient
I’m self sufficient

Chasing my tail doing other people’s bidding
Sound good to you? You gotta be kidding!
There’s satisfaction in a lack of action
So open up another beer

I tried working in the city
The job was pretty shitty
It was really funny
Spending other people’s money
But I made a lotta dosh
House and car were really posh
But life was pretty shallow
So I jacked it in
Then I bought a little place of my own
And I pulled out the cord on the telephone
I shouldn’t done it years ago
Now I’m self sufficient

Self sufficient
No money fears
Self sufficient
I should last for years
Self sufficient
Wish it was you?
Self sufficient
Nothing else will do!


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