Truth or Lies

Another of my social commentary themed songs coming up this time. I actually wrote this before the great Syrian chemical weapons debacle, but it seems sort of pertinent now. Kinda sexes it up?

At the end of the day, who do you believe especially in this day and age? I think the line “And pick the guy who tells the best lies” sums up the feeling of this song the best. Or maybe I’m just a cynical sod.

Truth or lies
You have to decide
You gotta make your mind up
Before you pick a side
I can’t do it for you
It’s up to you
But doing nothing’s
Gonna come back and bite you

Take it or leave it
What should you do?
Make up your mind
I can’t do it for you
How do you know
Which side to choose
No way to know
If you’ll win or lose

How can you tell what’s the best thing to do
Do what’s best or what’s best for you
Maybe it’s easier to sit on the fence
Why do you think you can make a difference

The status quo
Is not a good option
So make up your mind
Who to put your money on
Time’s a’wasting
It’s running out
Time to decide
Who’s got the most clout

What’s the matter?
What’s bugging you?
It’s no use asking me
‘Cos I don’t know what to do
Sometimes you wanna
Run away and hide
But that won’t work
‘Cos you gotta pick a side

It’s hard to know who’s telling the truth
They all sound sincere – it’s no surprise
So make your mind up what to do
And pick the guy who tells the best lies

Truth or lies
Pick a side
Doing nothing
Is suicide
Both sides
Same coin
Black and white
Darkness and light


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