When Jesus Came to Play

Apparently, Jethro Tull did a number with the same title on the ‘Catfish Rising’ album. Well, this isn’t that song. In fact, it’s nothing even remotely like it.


I was playing a gig just the other week
When in strolled this guy he was a long haired freak
He had a beat up old guitar slung around his neck
And he stunk of cheap booze and cigarettes
He said “My name is Jesus. Mind if I sit in?”
And we looked him up and down to see if he’d fit in
He seemed pretty cool with his beard and long hair
As he rolled himself a big fat joint

We asked what he liked to play
He came over all sheepish like he didn’t wanna say
He said “Anything but gospel. I’m right off that.
‘Cos I had a bad experience a little while back!”
So we started up a 12 bar the way you do
And the way he joined in was something real cool
He played a mean guitar in his distinctive way
We asked him where he learned but he wouldn’t say

He said “I used to have a band, just me and 12 other guys
But things turned out real bad when one of them told lies
They carried on without me – I guess they cut me loose
While the bad guys locked me up in the ol’ caboose”
He took a shot of whiskey and smoked another joint
And the blues that he was playing was really to the point
We knew this guy had suffered – he was living every note
As his tortured lyrics poured out of his throat

And when the gig was over he ran his fingers through his hair
He said “Thanks for playing with me. It’s good to know you care.”
We said “You’re always welcome, don’t stay away too long”
But when we turned around the guy was gone
And that’s the way it happened. I wouldn’t tell a lie
When a man who’s name was Jesus was simply passing by
He played a mean guitar and what else can I say?
About the day that Jesus dropped in to play


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