The Second Coming

I’m really not sure about this track – so I thought I’d just chuck it out there and see what reaction I get.

Please give me honest feedback and if you think it’s crap then say so. I think it originated from listening too much to the new Black Sabbath album on my iPod at bedtime. Something stuck in my head but the trouble is I’m not sure what.

I’m reluctant to include it on the next album if it’s not up to standard. Anyway, here it is :

I come amongst you once again
And everything still seems the same
You use my name to start your wars
You worship bloodshed like a whore
Is this the way that it must be?
Why will you never listen to me?

Will you believe me beyond doubt
Let’s launch the bombs and lets find out
If there’s a God that loves us we’ll be safe
Or maybe end up in a better place

Listen to the words I say
I am the truth the light the way
And now I come this way again
Because you did not listen then
Why do you question what I say?
Do you know of a better way?
2000 years have passed since then
I said I’d come back again
I’m here…..

What is it that you want from me?
No responsibility
You have free will do what you like
Will you do wrong or you do right?
You kill each other in Gods name
Your God my God they’re all the same
Will you believe me when I say
The bomb and gun are not the way


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