No Pain, No Gain

A sort of old fashioned rock song with lots of tremolo on the guitar parts and echo on the vocals. Takes me back to the early sixties, I think. Might even be a bit of country in there somewhere?

When I retired from business (God, that sounds pompous!), I realised in very short order that you can’t have money and spend it. Then along came the credit crunch and good old austerity.

This song is about financial planning. Saving for the future. Or actually not saving but just spending and then sticking your hand out for more. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself and manning up about it. If you piss it all away, then you’ve only yourself to blame.

Don’t come crying to me because I’ve got enough problems of my own without worrying about yours.

If you spend all the money
When times are good
Then there’ll be nothing left
Well, I never said there would
We were saving it up
For a rainy day
Well it’s pissing down now
Can’t you feel the pain?

No pain no gain – It’ll always be the same
No pain no gain – Don’t you want a change
If you want something different
You know what they say
There’s no gain
No gain without pain

When there’s nothing left
‘Cos you spent all your dosh
Remember that I told you
That I couldn’t give a toss
If you piss all your money
Up the nearest wall
Then don’t come to me
When you’ve spent it all

Things can only get better
Is the song that they sang
But in these times of austerity
You can all go and hang
It’ll never be the same
As it was before
So if you’re just getting by
You shouldn’t hope for more

Don’t blame the government
It’s you who’s to blame
Maybe it ain’t perfect
But it’s always been the same
They might take your taxes
And fritter them away
But you also do your best
To chuck it all away


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