Liar Liar

My last post was a country rock type song called Honesty, so just to move things around a bit this is a bit more punk rocky and deals with the other side of the coin.

Or does it?

When I re-read the lyrics I realised that it was really saying pretty much the same thing. It’s song about ambition and telling people what they want to hear so you get your own way. There’s a sting in the tail – because I just might be an even big liar than you are.

If you want me to believe you
Why you telling me that
Why are you feeding me
All that crap
Nothing that you tell me is sounding true
So tell me why I should listen to you

Liar liar pants on fire
You keep feeding me bull
Liar liar you’re just a liar
I can’t believe what you do

It seems to me
that you say one thing
Then you do another
when my back is turned
I never know if what you say is true
One rule for me and another for you

Liar liar you’re such a liar
Your aspirations couldn’t get no higher
Liar liar nothing you won’t do
Just to make things better for you

It’s not that I’m so good
It’s not that you’re all bad
But I can’t tell the difference
And I find that kinda sad

I don’t know if I can trust you
If I should turn my back
I need eyes in the back of my head
To see where you’re coming from
Your unlimited ambition
Will get the better of you
So you better watch what you’re saying
‘cos I’m coming to get you

Lair liar you’ll burn in the fire
Building your own funeral pyre
Liar liar look what you done
Guess you thought you were the only one
Liar liar coming to get you
I’m gonna bring you down
Liar liar watch your back
‘Cos I’m a better liar than you


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