When you think about honesty, you kinda realise that once you can fake sincerity, then you’ve got it made. This is something that politicians have crafted into a fine art.

You can buy honesty just like any other commodity and that’s what this song is about.

Honesty – it rolls out easy
Buy or sell it like a commodity
The price of truth is high to pay
Makes no difference what you say
There ought to be a better way

Buy it, sell it
Name your price
Truth or lies
Dumb or wise
No-one knows
What’s best to do
So what’s the point
In asking you

You box me up – you fence me in
To tell the truth would be a sin
The rhetoric is hard to take
Sincerity we all can fake
No matter what you say

Nice or nasty
How to tell
Go to heaven
Go to hell
Tell me straight
Tell me no lies
Look me right
Between my eyes

So tell me what you really think
Honesty is the missing link
The world would be a better place
If we just showed our inner face
It’s never gonna happen


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