Cheap beer & cigarettes

This is a song dedicated to all you smokey-drinkey people out there.

It’s about heath fascists and hypocrite doctors who tell you that you shouldn’t smoke or drink while they prop up the bar with a drink in one hand and a ciggie in the other.


I get no kicks driving fast cars
Hairing down the street
Or chasing round after women
Like a rabbit on heat
I like my pleasures simply
There’s just two things I need
So why doncha’ give ‘em a try
And find out what I mean

Cheap beer and cigarettes
Are what my body craves
I know just what I need
Cheap beer and cigarettes

I don’t need no heroin
I don’t need no crack cocaine
‘Cos I found me better way
Of blocking o ut the pain
I don’t need no needle
Won’t catch no H I V
And you can buy it at the corner store
Sure as hell works for me

Cheap beer and cigarettes
They’re my daily fix
There ain’t nothing like the like you get
From cheap beer and cigarettes

My doctor tells me it’s bad news
It’s wrecking my liver and lungs
And he says I’ll live a lot longer
If only I’d give it up
But what’s the point of a long life
If you’re living in misery
If you wanna make me happy
Then it’s ciggies and beer for me

I could stand to lose a little weight
My jeans are kinda tight
But just sit me down in my favourite bar
And I’ll soon feel alright
They say I’m heading for a heart attack
But don’t you give me that
You know it’s stress that causes it
And I’ve got a cure for that

Cheap beer and cigarettes
Is what my body needs
You know I tried the good stuff
But it don’t taste the same
As cheap beer and cigarettes


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