Nothing Happening

No, not an admission that I’ve got nothing to post, but a blues number about where I live – in a town that could be described as one horse if it only had a horse.

I read the local paper last week and couldn’t find a single, solitary thing happening. Lots of crap about charity fundraising, giving ourselves awards and telling everyone how great we are but NOTHING actually happening. Then I thought “I’ve not done a bit of blues for a while so why not write a song about it?”

So here it is. A song about, well, nothing…

Sun comes up every morning
It’s the highlight of my day
We hang around seeing what’s gonna happen
Then the sun goes down again
Nothing’s happenin’
There’s nothing going on
If you’re here looking for excitement
Brother did you get it wrong

It’s a sleepy little corner of the country
Where nothing ever seems to go on
Sittin’ round waiting for any old thing
Is why the days seem so long
There’s nothing happenin’
You now it’s no big surprise
Nothing much ever happens here
Nothing ever seems to be goin’ on

It’d be nice if life was fulfilling
But even work is a boring as hell
Looking forward to taking a vacation
Doing nothing somewhere else as well
Nothing’s happenin’
Be nice if something was
One horse short of a one horse town
Where’s there’s never anything goin’ on

I used to dream of a life of ease
Lying around drinking beer
But they like people drinking
It’s not the sort of thing you do round here
There’s nothing happenin’
You know it never does
But when there’s nothing happening
Maybe it’s just as well

Nothing’s happenin’
There’s nothing going on
Nothing’s happenin’
It’s no big surprise
Nothing’s happenin’
You know there’s nothing going on


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