Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech is a song about the latest craze of life logging.

Now I’m afraid that I just don’t get it. Why is your life so fascinating that you would want to hang a camera around your neck which takes a photograph every 30 seconds and uploads it to the ‘cloud’ whatever that is?

The repercussions are frightening – so I thought I’d write a song about it. Think about it. Link it to a GPS system and you’ve got a record of everything you see and everyone who’s seen you. And not just you.

Think Snowden. Think GCHQ. Think Orwell.

Then be afraid. Be very afraid.

Wearable tech is a millstone round my neck
They know where you’ve been and they know everything you’ve seen
They see everything you do, they see the people around you
And they know that they’ve seen you
Thanks to wearable tech

You’re a walking TV camera – you’re an unpaid CCTV
Spying on your neighbours while they’re spying on you
They know how many steps you take. They know if you’re asleep or awake
You’re doing their dirty work
Thanks to wearable tech

The boss knows I didn’t sleep enough last night and I was out on the town
He knows how many drinks I had and that I’m screwing around
He knows that when I should be working that I’m surfing the net and shirking
He’s docking my pay – nothing I can say
Thanks to wearable tech

They’re watching you 24/7 – you can’t escape the magic eye
And we volunteered to do it – we fell for their lies
We thought that it was something cool and we believed all the rules
But they turned us all into fools
Thanks to wearable tech


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