Rewrite Your Life

What with the internet and Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff these days, it’s easy to pretend that you’re something you’re not. But it’s not a new thing. I remember about thirty years ago when I went on a singles house party holiday in Skiathos. There was a guy there who had all the women falling over themselves to get off with him.

He was a pilot for British Airways. Except he wasn’t. He was really a filing clerk in the Civil Service in Basingstoke. But remember – image is everything.

So why settle for reality. Why tell people why you really did what you did when you can make it sound so much better by just, well, lying!

Just rewrite your life. Sexier than 50 shades. But remember that it’s not actually real!

Lyrics as follows :

Have you ever had that feeling
That your life has lost its meaning
Have you ever felt that nothing you do’s right
Have you ever felt that anything
Would be better than what you have
Have you ever wanted more than what you’ve got
Then rewrite your life
Things can only get better
If you rewrite your life

The folks you meet on Facebook
Know nothing about you
They’ll never know if what you say is true
So get a new persona
Who’s more interesting than you
It’s an easy way to spice up what you do
You just rewrite your life
The way that it was meant to be
Rewrite your life

Has your Twitter lost its glitter
Could your body be much fitter
Then all you need’s a shiny avatar
The internet is great
For improving things that fate
Dished you out while you were hiding behind the door
Rewrite your life
Don’t settle for what’s real
Just rewrite your life

You can be a rock star
A god on the guitar
Eric Clapton learnt it all from you
But remember it’s not real
And never push your luck
‘Cos playing live you just might come unstuck

Give yourself a sex change
Take ten years off your life
Take a break from all the trouble and the strife
Be an airline pilot
Maybe drive a racing car
They’ll never know just what a bore you are

When you rewrite your life
Sexier than 50 shades
Rewrite your life

Rewrite your life
Reality’s so boring
Rewrite your life
We all love a good story
Rewrite your life
It’ll really sound much better
All you gotta do is
Rewrite your life


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