Inspector Gadget

Have you every sat in a restaurant and watched the two people sat at the next table ignoring each other while they text their mates?

Mobile phones are an obsession. Ditto mp3 players (and yes, I admit I’ve got one – but I don’t wear it while I’m driving the car or riding my bike down the street!)

I’m really not into technology for the sake of it. It has to be useful – and quite often it just isn’t. So I thought I’d write a song about it.

Sing along now :

Don’t show’ me your iPad
‘Cos I don’t wanna know
I don’t care what you can do with it
There’s nothing I would wanna do
I don’t care about your fancy phone
Or the 20 different ways that you call home
And I couldn’t care less how much it cost
You been pissing money up the wall!

Inspector gadget
He got the latest everything
Inspector gadget
Got a gadget for everything

Sitting there with his Blackberry
Texting to all his friends
Posting stuff out on his Facebook page
And updating Twitter too
There’s a woman who’s sitting next to him
Who’s texting on her telephone
I wonder if they’re texting to each other
And if they act the same at home

Inspector gadget
Ain’t connected to the real world
Inspector gadget
Goes out with a virtual girl

Video games ain’t reality
Real life just ain’t the same
And when some bastard shoots you
You can’t just get up again

When I wanna read a book
I go to the library
I like to feel the paper
And you know I wanna smell that ink
You don’t to impress me with your eBook reader
‘Cos somehow it ain’t the same
I ain’t impressed with the hype you’re spouting
It’s bull shit by another name

There’s a place for everything
And everything in its place
So please Inspector gadget
Don’t stick your stuff in my face
You can keep your electronics
What do you think of that?
Maybe I should wait and ask you again
When your battery’s flat?


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