Dead End Street

A song about the sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in in 21st century Britain.

It’s about feral street kids, junkies, hoodies, no go areas – all that really exciting stuff that makes modern urban life such a joy to experience. So if you’re not depressed enough already then give your lug ‘oles a dose of this.

Music to slit your throat to. Leonard Cohen would be proud!

Here’s the lyrics :

They knock you down, they steal your money
A gang of them, they think it’s funny
Filmed it on their mobile phone
Up on YouTube when they get home
The ambulance can’t pick you up
It’s vandalized when they park up
Policemen only come in twos
We’re on our own – just me and you

Just pop a pill – it does no harm
Stick a needle in your arm
Pour a beer down your throat
Snort another line of coke
Go out dancing, grab a bird
Squeals of protest never heard
Just a gang bang for your leisure
A seedy way to take your pleasure

It’s a one way street you’re driving down
A brick wall at the end
A one way trip to nowhere
And there’s no-one left to care…

As long as they can rob your house
To get the stuff they need
As long as there are pushers
And the habits that they feed
As long as there are junkies
And girlies on the game
There’s no way that things will ever change
They’ll just carry on the same

Walking down the pavement
You’re afraid of who you meet
Red lights in the windows
They’re inviting you to peek
Pushers at the school gates
Handing out the pills
Girls on every corner
Looking for a pull

We’re heading down a dead end street
One way the only way
Gangs of hoodies hanging around
Well, you better watch what you say


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