Faking It

Here’s one of my favourite pieces so far that seems to have been well received by the musical community since I previewed it on Fandalism – and my thanks to my good friend Dioclese for the video.

‘Faking it’ is about city boys. The Porsche and Champagne set who made all their dosh by gambling with yours. Low risk investment – for them at any rate! In retrospect, I thinks there in fluence from the Clash or the Jam in there somewhere?

I’m making it – taking it
It doesn’t matter if I’m faking it
It’s alright as long as I’m raking it in
Nobody knows if I’m doing it wrong
But I make they sure they know if I do it right
Because I’m faking it

Seems to the world that I’m doing alright
I may play dirty but I sleep at night
It don’t matter if I stomp on you
You don’t know half of the things I do
Because I’m faking it….

Dirty money – coming clean
Nobody knowing what I really mean
It doesn’t matter
if I’m not what I seem
Big house and a fancy car
Pretty women down the champagne bar
Don’t know I’m faking it

Money talks – money screams
Nothing is really what it seems
Nobody cares while the cash keeps rolling in
can’t lose cos it’s not my money
My profit, your loss, well I think that’s funny
While I’m faking it

Faking it, Taking it, Making it mine
Faking it, Taking it, Feeling fine
No conscience,No repercussions
Working for me, Feeling fine
I’m faking it
I’m faking it
I’m faking it


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