Poison is a song about all the shit that goes on between two people when a relationship is breaking down.

Now you might very well think that this is based on the rather vitriolic events that surround and followed my divorce from my first wife. Well, as Francis Urquhart put it so well, you may very well think that but, of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.

I don’t see the point in picking away at a relationship when it much less painful and simpler to just face up to the fact that it ain’t working and walk away amicably. But people aren’t like that in real life, are they?

You know that I
Got over you
So why can’t you
Get over yourself?
I’m glad you’re gone
You know we were no good
I’m better off
Without you

It seems to me that you’re never satisfied
I see that hatred burning in your eyes
Get on with your life and I’ll get on with mine
It’s best for us to drain the poison from our lives

It’s not the same
Why would it be?
I think it’s better
Why can’t you see
It didn’t work
But we gave it a try
Until you poisoned it
With all your lies

You want revenge but I can’t work out what for
You are the one that said you can’t take any more
It was your choice that you should walk away
But now you changed your story and it’s not what you say

Life is better
Now that we’ve split
I won’t be back
I just don’t want it
To be like
It used to be before
I’m glad it’s over
Couldn’t take any more

There is no doubt that I am better off without you
Without that poison that you were dripping in my brain
I’ll find somebody else, someone who’ll never doubt me
And I’ll be happy even if I’m on my own

Get on with your life and I’ll get on with mine
Living with this poison’s such a waste of our time


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