Times Are Hard

They certainly bloody are hard at the moment, so here’s a cyncical little song that contains a few tricks and tips to help you get by in this cruel 21st century world we find ourselves in.

Here’s the lyrics :

Times are hard
You do what you can
Times are hard
Just to make ends meet
Times are hard
You know when times are hard

I went to the church
For a chat with God
I asked him to send me some money
And he listened to me
A plate came round
With some money on it
I put it in my pocket
And said a prayer of thanks
‘Cos times are hard

I sold my TV
And I sold my car
Sold most everything I had
And then one day
I tripped in the street
Nobodys fault but mine
But the lawyers said no
We should sue them
‘Cos Times are hard

I’m doing quite well
Since the compo claim
But still can’t find a job
But the man from welfare
Said don’t worry
We’ll see you alright
So now I’m off down the foodbank
It’s cheaper than the grocery store


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