Promises (updated)

Since I released this track, my good friend Dioclese has made me this very nice video :

It’s been a bit heavy lately. In fact, I considered calling this new album “A Pint of Heavy”. Maybe I still will?

Anyway, in an attempt to move (briefly) away from heavy rock and punk, here’s a track that I think is a bit West Coast American Rock. I could see Fleetwood Mac doing this one – especially the guitar solo. When I sat down and listened to it afterwards, I thought ‘That’s a bit like Lindsey Buckingham’. Sorry Lindsey!

What’s it about? Well, the value of keeping your word, doing what you say and saying what you mean. That sort of thing.


Talk is cheap but time’s expensive
It’s what you do not what you say
At the end of the day that’s all that matters
Broken promises leave lives in tatters
Do what you say?
And What do you mean?
Broken promises
It’s all I’ve seen
Better for you
And better for me
Think about it
You’ll see what I mean

If I can’t trust what you’re telling me
How much worse can it really be?
Things’ll start falling apart
Heading for a broken heart

Politicians tell you what you want to hear
Media telling stories to fill you with fear
Do you know what truth is and how can you tell?
Modern living is a scene from hell
What’s to be done?
Does anyone know?
Swim upstream
Or go with the flow
Making waves
Or smoothing the way
Has anybody
Got a better way?

No-one should tell you what you have to do
You should be able to think for yourself
It might be easier to do what you’re told
But that don’t mean that it’s right
Tell the truth
Shame the devil
Try to keep things
On the level
Deep down you know
What you should do
Don’t let nobody
Think for you

Can’t believe what they’re telling me
It doesn’t seem quite right
Do you know a better way?
Can you see the light?

Talk is cheap
Or so they say
There has to be
Another way
Lies and cheating
Are just insane
Empty promises
Fall like rain


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