This is a track hot off the presses from the new album which is progressing slowly but surely.

After I got this one down, I realised that it might sound a bit vitriolic. A bit angry. A bit bitter. Well, that’s because it is and I would like to thank my ex-wife for the inspiration. Even tho’ I got shot of her over a quarter of a century ago, it’s good to know that I can always call on her for musical inspiration.

Go the the post marked “The day my ex pissed off” on the ‘My Life’ page if you really want to know what happened. Frankly, I no longer give a toss!

I like this song. It’s got some oomph – and when I could decide which guitar solo to use, I decided to overlay them and use both. Interesting.

I got home from work
Guess you thought it funny
You emptied out the house
And you stole all the money
It was easy for you
But it was rough for me
You opened my eyes
So now I can see

You were trash
You took all the money
You were trash
I guess you found it funny
You were gone
It’s a weight off my mind
You showed yourself up
For what you really are

If it ain’t right
Then I think you should say so
Not go fooling round
With any old so and so
I guess being honest
Just don’t come easy
When you’re looking round
To find the next freebie

No matter what we thought
It was never gonna be
I’m better off without you
It’s easy to see

The lies and deceit
Weren’t necessary
If you wanted to leave
Then you should have told me
I worked off my ass
So you could salt away my cash
You think it’s better with him
But it ain’t gonna last

You’re a bitch
You just think of yourself
You’re a bitch
Don’t think of no-one else
On your own
Is how you’ll end up
Good luck!
I don’t give a fuck…


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