Ain’t No Rolling Stone

I recently spent a week in complete luxury at a hotel in the Gambia – and very pleasant it was too!

As it turned out, the hotel owner is a huge Rolling Stones fan and we were put in the Rolling Stones Suite where I composed this little offering. It seemed only fair therefore to use some pictures of this excellent establishment in the video (courtesy of my good friend Dioclese).

Mick and Keith weren’t there in person, but I thought it would be apt to include them in the video, especially as I spent most of the week reading Keith Richard’s autobiography. Thanks, Keef.

Just wanna place that I can call my own
Where I can disconnect the telephone
Don’t want no hassle
Just wanna be left alone
Sometimes I wonder what the fuss is about
Why do people like running about?
Chasing their tails
Jesus! You can count me out

Ain’t no rolling stone
I’m busy gathering moss
Just lying the sun
Just having fun
Ain’t no rolling stone

I’m gonna get me a place in the sun
A gin palace that’s made for one
But you can come too
And maybe we can have some fun?
Two’s company but three’s a crowd
What’s wrong with luxury for crying out loud?
Just give it a try
Tell me that you ain’t too proud
Come on…

What do you do when the cat’s away?
Come down to my place and the mice can play
Let’s make some music
Tell me waddya say?
And when the days done and the sun goes down
And there’s nobody else hanging around
We can get some peace
Let the others go and paint the town

Ain’t no rolling stone
But I can hold a tune
Playing the blues
Just me and you
Ain’t no rolling stone…


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