Track 11 off Old Friends is a punk song. It’s a bit angry. Well, actually it’s a lot angry!

It’s basically about dissatisfaction and envy. It’s about people not being very bright. It’s about our journey from the tree’s through the rape of the planet and back into the trees albeit covered with a thin veneer of civilisation if you can call it that.

Actually, when I read that back it sounds pretty pretentious, so maybe I’ll just stop analysing it and let you make your own minds up. Perhaps you can send me a comment or two and explain it to me?

Your shitty little house might be fine for you
But I’ve looked at what you got and it just won’t do
I bet if I broke in I’d find it full of crap
Just cheap electronics and Chinese tat
There’s nothing you can give me that would change by mind
‘cos I’ve looked all around me and I hate your kind
You’re full of platitudes and empty words
Your brain is useless you just follow the herd

You talk about feelings and you talk about love
Well you know where you can stick ‘em and I’ll help you shove
You really want to get seeing things your way
But it’s not going to happen no matter what you say
You try to prick my conscience to make me feel bad
But I’m gonna have to tell you that I think you’re kinda sad
Why don’t you crawl back into your big black hole
With your bleeding heart and your empty soul

You say my head is messed up but I disagree
I’ve seen shit happen – it won’t happen to me
You think that we’re civilized it seems to me
That we’re only just down from out of the tree
You think that we’re intelligent – I reckon you’re wrong
If we carry on like this then we won’t last long
We trot along like lemmings heading for the light
Over the cliff edge and into the night

We chop down the trees and we dig up the coal
Soon there’ll be nothing left but a bloody great hole
We pull all the fish from out of the ocean
When there’s nothing left then we’ll raise a commotion
We’ll blame everybody except for ourselves
But it’s all down to greed and building our wealth
But you can‘t eat money and soon you will find
It won’t matter if your motor is better than mine


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Filed under Protest, Punk, Rock

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