Surfer Man

Andrew Marr once likened bloggers to being spotty faced adolescents who hid away in basements living out their sad lives in virtual reality. Well. I don’t know about that but there are certain some people who live on the web a bit too much at the detriment of getting out to meet real people.

Track 10 on the album is a semi-humourous song about a lonely man with no social graces who does just that.

On the plus side, I would say that after my first wife went off with the next door neighbour and me and the dog moved house 50 miles down the road, I was left on my own and my lifeline was ham radio. It kept me sane (see memoirs for details ) and I can imagine that surfing might just provide a similar lifeline for many others.

Sing along, now!

I live on my own a lot of the time
And everyone assumes that I’m doing fine
I don’t wanna sink, without a trace
So I go on line and I, interface

There’s all sortsa people about out there
So who I talk to I really don’t care
I joined the online, generation
To surf the depths of this, sorry little nation

I had a conversation The other day
With a real nice girl who made me feel OK
I didn’t wanna rush it or burst her bubble
Or land myself in a whole lot of trouble

There’s some funny people in the cybersphere
That can either make you cry or grin from ear to ear

You’re never quite sure Who you’re talking to
You’re never quite sure If their story is true
My cute little girl friend With the sugar loaf tits
Turned out to be a trucker with dangly bits

I’m never ever short of lotsa games to play
There’s poker and there’s bingo every single day
And if I’m feeling low or down on me luck
I can always get a bird from Rent-a-Fuck

I’m just a surfer man
I’m getting by doing what I can
Just a surfer man
A real nice guy is what Iam
I’m just a surfer man.


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