I Don’t Care

This is a bit of a cynical song that says stuff the planet, stuff the whales ‘cos I’m alright, Jack! I guess it’s a song in a similar vain to ‘Pave Me Over’ on the Blues Merchant album.

And before you jump down my throat, it doesn’t necessarily reflect my personal view of the world but is intended to make you think about how some other people might look at it.

Personally I reckon global warming is at best exaggerated and at worst complete rubbish – but I do care about whales because they’re more intelligent than us.

You might detect a certain style in this song which I think crept in because I have been listening to too many Hawkwind albums late at night!

It really doesn’t matter
What you think about me
It really doesn’t matter
If you see what I see
It’s only an illusion
It’s not reality
It’s all over in a moment
Things aren’t really what they seem

I don’t care about the planet
I don’t care about the whales
I don’t care if you succeed
And I don’t care if you fail
It’s all the same to me
‘Cos I don’t really give a toss
Your attempts to gain my friendship
Just leave me at a loss

You ain’t worth saving
You ain’t worth the fight
So why don’t you get just get
Out of my sight
I don’t give a toss
You won’t change my mind
I simply despise you
And all of your kind

I just don’t care
It won’t matter what you say
I ain’t gonna see things
Any other way
People are selfish
And people are dim
They just want to satisfy
Their every little whim


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