One of mine this time round. All my own work and, I have to say, I think it’s one of my better ones. But then if I don’t blow my own trumpet, who’s going to blow it for me?

This is a song about what my son-in-law euphemistically refers to as ‘stuff’ – you know, all the crap we collect around us. I feel that it’s not all this crap that is important, so that’s the theme of the song.

Here’s the lyrics :

It’s not about what you do
It’s not about your car
It’s not about the money
Or who you think you are
It’s not as if I care that you’re trying to impress me
Or if I worry ‘bout the way that you address me
It’s just about the way that you make me feel
It’s about knowing what is fake and what’s real

I got a funny feeling
That you have missed my meaning
You’re raising my blood pressure
‘til I’m bouncing off the ceiling

Life is for the living
It’s not about the dosh
It’s about the feeling that you’re giving
It’s not about the stuff you got

You got a lot of money
But you ain’t got no time
It seems a real shame to me
It’s seems a real crime
It only seems to matter that you’re feeling important
It only seems to matter that you’re better than me
But I think that you’re fooling yourself
‘Cos you sure as hell ain’t fooling me

I really could care less
I think your life is such a mess
You’re really irritating
With the noises that you’re making

You need to get a grip now
Maybe I should show you how
You seem to be wrapped up in
Counting all that stuff you got

It really doesn’t matter
You could throw away the lot
But you’re never going to do that
‘Cos it seems you lost the plot
I’m glad that I’m not you
And you don’t want to be me
The set of values that I got
You could simply never see

It’s not about the stuff……


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