Macho Man

Another Tony Groves song to blast us off in to the New Year…

Morning after the night before? Know the feeling! I think Tony catches the bravado and the despair in this lyric so I hope my music does it justice. The guitar solo was a bit of a bugger, tho’

Happy New Year to you all!

Here’s the lyrics :

Head off home 
Pub now closed

Fags and lighter 
In shirt pocket

Back at home 
Flick on TV

Boots on table 
Mud on boots

Grip bottle by neck
 Spin lid with thumb

Swig it down
 Grit your teeth
Find madness in life’s bitter dish
Eat like a mouse and drink like a fish
Cling by nails and lose my grip
Cling by nails and feel them slip
Driven insane by worry and fears
Driven to drink that flows in tears
Frustration and anger tear apart
Noise in my head and pain in my heart

Can’t face food
 Light up instead

Watch stand-up show
 But see no joke

Drink some more
 Until you choke
TV now off
 Screen of black
Like the demon 
On your back
Thoughts so mad
 Clamour and crowd

Limbo the place I’ve come to dwell
Emotions a prison, my home a cell
Thoughts they tumble, twist and whine
Thoughts so odd they can’t be mine
Drown them with the cheapest drink
But drunk or sober, just think, think, think
Nobody to tell the things in my head
Solitary drinker, alone in my bed

Struggle on while heaving a sigh
Try to be strong though starting to cry
Did karma bring me this sorry state
Or was it a cold, cruel twist of fate
Escape to sleep is only too brief
Ponder if death would be a relief

Not too sane 
But plenty loud
Drink some more 
Heave a sigh

Fall to knees
 Begin to cry
Lonely man…


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