Every Step Different

This is a bit of an odd one, but very much in keeping with the album title of ‘Old Friends’

Back in the 1960’s my best mate was a bloke called Paul Wakely. He disappeared off my radar for over 40 years and even when I went to that party last month nobody knew where he had got to – but I never like to give up and always wondered what became of him.

After several years of digging, I finally unearthed him in the depths of southern Ireland where he now lives and I managed to get in touch with him again. He sent me these lyrics which he wrote back in 1994 and said “See what you can do with them!” I took him up on the challenge, and this is the result.

I suspect there’s some deep meaning in there somewhere and I also suspect I know who they are written about, but I’m keeping that under my hat…

Here’s the lyrics :

Stepped out with you at the dancehall
But you ain’t got a ticket to ride
Jived with you ‘til morning
I know you’ve got something to hide

Pirouetted with you on the parquet
But you seem to slip and slide
I know you’re not like Ginger
But I sure like the way you glide

Every step different
Every step the same
I’m going to keep on dancing
Until you guess my name

I know it takes two to tango
Did you ever dance with Fred Astair?
I really like the way you foxtrot
I think I’ll throw you in the air

You can tap dance in your black shoes
Click click click on the floor
If you’re famous you’d be in who’s who
Maybe I’ll guess your name and more

Every step different
Every step the same
If you keep on dancing
I’m gong to guess your name

I see you slinking round in satin
Twirling around your pearls
You changed your diamonds for sequins
Ain’t that rich for a titled girl


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One response to “Every Step Different

  1. paul wakely

    Spot on old sport


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