Rule Britannia

You know, it occurred to me that if the Sex Pistols could do “God Save the Queen” then it would be nice if I could do something patriotic as well!

Of course, the Sex Pistols were much misunderstood for their offering and it was slagged off as being anti-monarchist, especially when it was suggested that they re-release it for the Jubilee this year. As a songwriter, this really annoys me because I take a lot of trouble to lovingly handcraft deeply meaningful lyrics (honestly!) only to find that nobody listens to them.

The Pistols’ effort contains the line “God save the Queen. We love our Queen. We really do!” so quite how that could be decribed as in any way unpatriotic or anti-monarchy is quite beyond me.

Hopefully, my lyrics are unambiguous as you will see below. Enjoy the song and feel free to send me the appropriate disparaging comments.

Here’s the lyrics :

Rule Britannia
A country full of slaves
Rule Britannia
There’s nothing left to save
Or rule

Rule Britannia
A stirring battle cry
Rule Britannia
Don’t stop to ask them why
Or cry

They send us off to war
With a gun in our hand
Then they blow us all to pieces
Our merry little band
There’s nothing worth the pain
There’s bugger all to gain
We are happy little clones
And we all think the same

Rule Britannia
The British are the best
Rule Britannia
To hell with all the rest
We crush

Rule Britannia
It is our right to rule
Rule Britannia
They play them all for fools
And us

Is it worth the fight
Do we really know what’s right?
Or have we reached the point
Where it’s all a crock of shite?
Do we know any more
What is wrong and what is right
And are our politicians
On the left or on the right?

Rule Britannia
Just another US state
Rule Britannia
Or a puppet of the Reich
We’re mugs

Rule Britannia
The empire is long gone
Rule Britannia
Where did it all go wrong
We’re fucked

We give ‘em all our money
We roll over and die
No more cool Britannia
They’ve poked us in the eye
Are you really happy
With the deal that we’ve got?
Well you might well be
But I’m certainly not

Rule Britannia!


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