Down the Local

Here’s another song that I’ve composed using the excellent lyric writing of Tony Groves. I’m not sure if Tony meant me to add two of his poems together, but it seemed to me that the first dealt with the somewhat graphic description of life down the local English public house, whilst the second seemed to nicely lead on the after effects the next morning of having too much the night before.

And then, of course, feeling refreshed and renewed we go back and do it all again.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been there!

Here’s the lyrics if you want to sing along :

Under the bar lurk ancient browns
Trousers stained the punter frowns
One beer too warm, the other too cold
Glasses all soapy, cracked and old
Stools of wood creak and groan
Sitters fidget, curse and moan
Chartless records slide and hiss
Maudlin drinkers take the piss
Carpets glazed and battle worn
Pool table crooked, damp and torn
Toilets smell of bleach and shit
Walls a scrawl with glowering wit
Run off blocked at every loop
Crouton butts in yellow soup
Urine-air as thick as smog
Cigarettes add a choking fog

Our host was once called an ugly pig
With his beer-belly stoop and his obvious wig
See no smiles, but lots of grins
People made daft by boozing sins
Alcohol-retards will annoy
Slapping your back and calling you boy
Some want to argue, others to fight
Some say good day, while the others say goodnight
You know the faces, but wish you did not
You came to the place and look what you got
“CHEERS” on the telly, so cosy and warm
While down at my local the windows storm

So why this compulsion for sickness and pain

To dull my emotions and deaden my brain
A filter tip and a bitter brew
That’s what I need to make me feel new
Brazilian blend so aromatic
Light that stogey, sit real static
Relish the jolt and the smoke of blue
That’s what I need to make me feel new
Strike that match and stir that java
Plenty of time left for life’s palaver
Drinking caffeine  and smoking too
That’s what I need to make me feel new
The grim, weary mornings, such woe create
Making coffee and cigarettes oh so great
So give me the black and give me the blue
Yes, that’s what I need to make me new

That’s what I need to make me new
Down at my local…down the local…


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