Earlier on this album I published a song called “Demon Drink Blues” with lyrics written by Tony Groves and it seemed to be well received so I thought I have a go at setting another of his poems to song. This is the result.

What I’ve done here is to take the main verses from one of his efforts and the bridge from another. Hope you like it.

Oh, and it also gave me the chance to try out the new dreadnought accoustic what I just bought.

And here’s Tony’s excellent poetry so you can follow the Lyrics :

Coal black dream like miner’s lung
Roof of mouth grips arid tongue
Images of bat that flitters
Washboard sounds of demon titters
Cotton sheet, so damp, so chill
Nameless dread a sour pill
Nail scrapes on window pane
Covers up then down again
Heat and cold take their turn
Flesh to freeze and then to burn
Skin a-crawl with clammy beads
Revisited by shameful deeds

I climbed a mountain in my mind
To see what I would find up there
Not much, not really, nothing great,
Just blood and bone and greying hair
I tried to climb the tree of sleep,
To nestle in its bowers
But the nightmares came,
I woke again and wept for several hours…
I climbed into the morning light
And peered up into the skies
But the emptiness discovered there
Filled up my heart with sighs

Before I die, I’d like to make it to mars,
But I’d settle for a desert where I can look at the stars.
I would gaze into the sky, count their twinkles one by one,
And go on living until I was done.

I climbed the stairs, went to the shop,
The highlight of my life
I used to have big dreams, you know,
A job, good friends, a wife
I climbed out of insanity,
That dark and eerie land
But my mind soon slipped away again,
Like fingers clutching sand
I climbed into the next day,
To escape from all the pain
But as I climbed, I realised,
It would be just the same again

I climbed into a bottle and hid away down deep
I know that’s not a clever thing, but at least I got some sleep



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2 responses to “Sleep

  1. I am seriously impressed with what you did here. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to mix and match verses from different poems, but I thought it worked really well. I had a bit of a chill run up my spine listening to this. Well done and not at all second rate. Loved it.


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