Demon Drink Blues

A first for me this time out – I’ve done cover versions of other people’s music in the past as well as my own original stuff, but never done anything in collaboration with another writer.

The lyrics for this song come from a poem by Tony Groves taken off his blog. It’s a sort of Elton and Bernie moment. You know, two guys who write together but never actually in the same room.

I’d really be interested to know your opinions on this piece. It’s a fairly standard blues about the perils of drinking and how we all say “Never again!” and then go right out the same time next weekend. I’ve downloaded some of Tony’s other stuff with a view to repeating the exercise in the future, time permitting of course.

My friend Dioclese has put a video to it which is shown below. Thanks, mate.

And here’s the mp3 version :

Well, I had a real skin full, It happens twice a week
Usually when my thoughts Become unbearably bleak
It used to calm my troubles – Used to make me happy
No longer drowning sorrows It just makes me snappy
I know I shouldn’t do it But sleep just won’t come
For a real bright lad I can be oh so dumb

Booze used to made me funny Even made me witty
Now it just makes me angry Mood glowering and shitty
Oh I know I shouldn’t do it Avoid the demon drink
It makes me stroppy Steals my power to think
Turns me into an argument Looking for a place to settle
Looking for a foe to goad, sting and poke and nettle

And then there are the horrors That arrive next day
With bad moods and bad temper They will make me pay
Well, I had a real skin full Set my guts to churning
Nerves all taught and anxious Eyes – gritty, sore and burning
Serves you damn well right I can to hear you say
Last night I would have argued But today’s another day

So I sit and string my words – wait for tremors to pass
Sorry for all offended By this maudlin drunken arse
But I suffer for my habit Rest assured of that
Not least of all, it must be said By knowing I’m a twat
There’s an ancient saying “know thyself”, it states
But what do you do when it’s yourself you hate?
Yet does not say what one should do If what one finds, one hates

Never again, my solemn vow
Will I poison my body and mind
Lying to you, my lovely friends
And to myself, I think you’ll find…


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