Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart

Just once in a while a song comes along that just sticks in my head and refuses to go away. This is one of them.

A good friend of mine sent me an album by the Tooting Frooties that had this track on it written by a bloke called Noel Brown. I gather Noel is well known around the Kingston-upon-Thames area where he still plays the pub circuit with various mates.

The song was also recorded by Ian Gom, late of Bryndsley Swartz, in Nashville and was a minor hit in the C&W charts. I thought the original was better, but thought in my own modest way, that I could do it better! Well my first attempt wasn’t so great but I liked the one I ended up with – they’re both on the Blues Merchant album – so here’s the three versions so you can judge for yourself.

My final version :

My first attempt (not very good!) :

The original by the Tooting Frooties :


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One response to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart

  1. Dioclese

    Like it – definitely a good song!


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