2 punk tracks and airplay!

Time to get heavy! Here’s a couple of tracks of the ‘Too Old to Rock’ album which I would like to claim go back to my punk roots – except I was never into punk at the time!

Anyhow, I was delighted yesterday when the first of these tracks “Too Damn Late” actually got an unsolicitted play on the radio. Now admittedly it was Brighton local radio, but what the hell! I’m dead chuffed.

If you’re interested, you can find the program here and my play is around the 41:15 mark.

Anyway, that first track was described by a friend of mine as ‘Chas and Dave meets the Ramones’ and this next one, “Life’s Too Short”, I kinda thought of as ‘Beach Boys meets the Sex Pistols’ – see what you think.

Both these tracks have already featured over on my friend Dioclese’s blog where he’s put a couple of nice videos to them. You can access them by clicking here and here.

As usual, please let me know what you think.


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One response to “2 punk tracks and airplay!

  1. Well done, mate! Pleased to have played my little bit too…


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