2 for 1 New Year Music

Happy New Year to you all!

As it’s New Year, here’s a two-fer-one offer on a new song. ‘Strange Ways’ is about not understanding what on Earth the other person is talking about and how whatever you say, they always see things differently to you.

After I originally wrote and recorded the song, I thought it might make a nice rock blues if I just tinkered around with the lyrics a bit. After all, why waste a good set of lyrics?

I decided to put them both on the ‘Playing Dirty’ album. Would be interested to know which one you prefer.

Strange Ways

Strange Ways Blues



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8 responses to “2 for 1 New Year Music

  1. Happy New Year. My preference is the first. Perhaps it's because I was brought up with a jazz fanatic and he practiced in our shared bedroom. (That's back in the 50s). Since being captive to his daily outpourings jazz just 'doesn't do it for me'. Understandably perhaps.


  2. Thanks, Rosie. I agree with you even though I am a child of the 60s and 70s UK blues boom when I was priviledged to play very briefy as a fill in with John Mayall – a man who is still going and for whom I have immense respect.I'll try and keep the standard up in the new year, meanwhile Happy 2012 to you and thanks for listening.


  3. John Mayall and Keef Hartley!My favourite Keef track (featuring JM)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKg-D6r-1Fw….sublimeBtw, I prefer your version 2 😉


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


  5. Thanks, prog. I can't decide to be honest. I knew Keef back in the late 60's or was it early 70s? He used to get me and my mate in free to gigs if we turned up early and helped him lug his kit.I see there's a few other Keef tracks on there too. Thanks for that link – takes me back!


  6. That's what good about Youtube. And Spotify. Unless one had the vinyl so much music had been 'lost' for a generation. I've rediscovered loads of bands and stumbled across others I'd barely heard in the good old days. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.Nice blog btw (I'll check out more of your work). I've just started one (only one post! Tull 'Look into the sun'). I think it's going to be based on music I love (late 60s/early 70s). Can't seem to log in here via wordpress, but (if you're interested) I'll let you know when it's up and running properly.


  7. Thanks, prog. Put the URL on here as a comment and I'll take a look at it. Also like Tull.Should be able to sign a comment on here with your WordPress logon but must confess I've never tried as I just on Blogger/Google. If you can't then just select 'Name/URL'I've just finished the next album which is all self-composed rock in various forms. Trouble is there is the tendency to continuously re-listen and tinker with the final version. I must leave it alone and trust my judgement more!Next album is going to be unplugged I think – although I need a title as I think that one has been to death and suggests remixes of existing material whihch this will not be. Good luck with the blog, but I warn you that it is addictive!


  8. Thanks 🙂


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