Friday night music – 21st Century Blues

Another rock track off ‘Playing Dirty’.

This is dedicated to all those people out there who think that, frankly, the modern era simply sucks. I’d like to dedicate this track to a blogger called Captain Ranty who has done his best to try to change things but is finding the going hard. Keep rocking, Captain. Don’t let the buggers grind you down.



Filed under Protest, Rock

9 responses to “Friday night music – 21st Century Blues

  1. Have a comment on me!With you all the way for The Captain!


  2. Bookmarked your site, by the way


  3. Very kind of you. It lifted my spirits.Thanks!!CR.


  4. Lovely sentiment, awesome choon, dedicated to a really *good* man.


  5. lol love it, the Cap'n is well worth it too, well done!


  6. Way to go Capitan


  7. cool tune, great fun, thanks!I'll be back 🙂


  8. Enjoyed the choon and pleased you dedicated it to the Captain. I think he needed the cheer up. As us ex deep desert men would say, his dick must be dragging in the dirt, unquote.Thanks again.Tickety


  9. Thanks for the comments, chaps. Was beginning to wonder if I was the only bloke wot listened to this stuff I writ!


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