Small Town Man

I live in a small town these days having jacked in the ‘career’ and downsized to the countryside – sort of. I wasn’t prepared for the culture shift that I would encounter and it came as quite a shock. Let’s just say that I still haven’t got used to the different attitudes and the change in the pace of life.

I’ve been reluctant to put this song on the net in case a neighbour hears it and recognizes themselves, but now I just think “What the hell, they all think I’m a prat anyway!” So here it is.

They say you should write about the things you know, so I did. As far as I am concerned if people can’t have a laugh at themselves, then I feel sorry for them. I think it’s the best comic song I’ve ever written.

My friend Dioclese also put a video to it which you can find on the ‘My Videos’ page.


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