3 for the price of one!

Just to brighten up your Friday night, here’s three bits of music from my ‘Mid Life Crisis’ album.

Smokey Drinkey is a piece sampled from ZZ Top’s ‘Smart Dressed Man’ which is about the right to destroy your own body if you want to by smoking and drinking and how we shouldn’t be dictated to by the anti-smoking and anti-drinking mafia. Have a fag and a glass of wine while you crank up the volume!

I Like to Blog is dedicated to my friend Dioclese who absolutely delights in telling the world where it is going wrong. Rather bravely, he featured it on his blog which I suppose at least proves that he is capable of laughing at himself. How refreshing!


Salad and Fish 2011 is a re-recording of a piece that I wrote a couple of years ago and performed live rather badly at the time. It’s about a trip I took around the Caribbean on a very nice boat where the excellent food was rather repetitive. Personally, I expect to get a lot of seafood and salads in the Caribbean, but you know how people moan! The piano solo in the middle is dedicated t the cruise director who fancied himself as a bit of a bar room pianist.

Hope you enjoy them and it raises a smile. You can access the album using the left hand margin.


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